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With many years in experience in the the flooring trade, we should know by now what it takes to install a real wood and engineered wooden floors. It's important to get the sub floor and environmental conditions right from the start. Without the correct conditions and expertise it's a recipe for disaster.

General Step by Step of installing a wood floor.

Humidity levels and moisture content in the screed are factors that have to be measured, too much either of these could result in to much expansion in the timber. If you are unsure that there is a Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) under the sub floor then can be applied on surface level. Either an underlay with a built in moisture barrier or Polythene DPM in sheet form on the can be laid onto the sub floor.

But if you are installing a solid wood floor, them timber would normally be stuck directly to a concrete sub floor. So an underlay or sheet DPM would be unsuitable for this case. Therefore an Epoxy DPM is painted onto the surface after a prepared coat of latex to cure dust, contaminations and floor imperfections. This method is used when there is likely no DPM in the sub floor, or a previous DPM has been compromised.

The wood floor now is ready to fit with appropriate fixing methods , after all sub floor preparations. An appropriate expansion gap is left around the timber floor to allow the natural growth and shrinkage of the timber.

Timber floors can be fitted going under existing skirting boards or the skirting can be fitted afterwards. But, if there are no gaps under the skirting then the appropriate expansion gap has to be left and then a molding or schocher is fitted all around the room to cover the gaps.

At this Stage apart from fitting the finishing's such as door thresholds, etc... your floor is finished if you have chosen a pre finished engineered board. Otherwise if you have chosen a traditional solid timber floor installation then are a further two more stages to follow...

With solid timber any gaps will be filled in then the floor will be machine sanded to a high smooth finish to remove any imperfections in the wood, and then finally will be either stained or just coasted with an appropriate sealer.

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